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Our Mission and Vision
Our Mission

Our Mission

As campers grow up in our community, we give them the skills and inspiration to lead lives of strength, confidence, and vibrant good health! Our community is rooted in the Jewish belief that fitness, good nutrition, and kindness are essential for realizing our full human potential.

Our values

Camp Zeke is firmly rooted in a set of core Jewish values. Not only do campers take these values home with them, for years after the camp experience, but the values guide all our decisions at camp. See campers discuss the values in our camp video.

  • Kindness to others (gemillut hassadim)
  • Developing our character (tikkun middot)
  • Taking care of our health (shmirat ha’guf)
  • Celebrating our community (klal yisrael)
  • Welcoming visitors and new members of the camp family (hachnasat orchim)
  • Loving all members of the community as we love ourselves (ve’ahavta lere’acha kamocha/b’tzelem elohim)

Our Vision

At Camp Zeke

Campers and staff are the most authentic versions of themselves – kindness and inclusion are our highest values.

Each camper and staff member is an important and irreplaceable member of the Camp Zeke community.

Our expert staff members are the campers’ mentors, role models, and friends. Campers feel a strong sense of connectedness to each other, and through that connectedness, experience the magic of camp.

The food at camp is delicious, healthy, and whenever possible, locally-sourced and farm-to-table.

Beyond camp

Campers know delicious, healthy recipes they can prepare almost anywhere, and simple, effective exercises they can perform almost anywhere.

Campers see healthy living and good nutrition as core aspects of their Jewish identity.

Campers rely on Zeke’s lessons to lead vibrant, healthy lives. They go out into the world as ambassadors of healthy living whose behavior inspires others to lead healthier lives.

Campers make the closest friendships with other like-minded kids and teens, and then end up with a network of friends and colleagues for life.

Zeke, which is derived from the Hebrew name Yechezkel connotes immense strength. Immense strength, emanating from a joyful, healthy, and active lifestyle is what the camp seeks to instill in its campers.

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