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Dining at Zeke

It’s like eating at a restaurant with gourmet food! There are so many options for picky eaters, and everything is sooo delicious and made from scratch. The chef is super nice and always tells us all about the food. Camp even has a special chef who just makes foods for kids with allergies. My friends’ camps don’t have food like this!


Dining at Zeke

At Café Zeke,  we threw traditional notions of “camp food” out the window! We believe that delicious meals start with locally-sourced ingredients. In fact, with the help of our campers and counselors, we grow some of our herbs and spices right on Zeke’s campus and source many other ingredients from local farms and markets. Those are also the ingredients campers use in our culinary arts program!

We don’t like processed foods, preservatives, and ingredients we can’t pronounce. Because of that, our chefs painstakingly make each day’s meals from scratch using only the freshest, most nutritious ingredients.  The result is delicious food that is good for our bodies.

What do meals look like?

At breakfast, there’s a hot main course that rotates every day, including things like scrambled eggs, waffles, pancakes and French toast. We also have a cereal station with different cereal options, an oatmeal station with a variety of toppings, and a huge cold bar with fruit, yogurt, breads, cheeses, and lots of similar items.

At lunch and dinner, there’s a rotating main course such as pizza made from scratch, chicken wings from a local farm, burritos rolled in our kitchen, Chinese buffet, lasagna, and so much more. At lunch and dinner, we always serve two main courses so if campers aren’t crazy about one, they’ll love the other!

And no matter what we serve, there’s always a backup option that rotates between rice bowls, pasta bowls, and a baked potato bar. In addition, we have a huge salad bar at every meal with fresh vegetables, pre-made salads, and all sorts of toppings. We also have a soup station at lunch and dinner with various fresh breads.

Talk to me about snacks!

We also have three snacks a day, including things like hummus and pita chips, fresh fruit, granola bars, and so much more! See what our daily schedule looks like here.

Campers also LOVE our canteen, which offers a smoothie bar, trail mix, popcorn, and similar delicious and healthy options.

We also have bottomless fruit bowls and other snacks that are always out in the dining room. If a camper ever wants an extra snack, they just ask their counselor to swing by Cafe Zeke where they can grab a quick bite, fill up their water bottle with fruit-infused water, and feel energized for their next activity.


Our Specialty: Allergies & Special Diets

We enthusiastically accommodate all allergies and special food needs. We have a dedicated team of chefs who work in a separate kitchen and specialize in creating meals for campers who are gluten free, vegan, have allergies, or need any other food accommodations.

At every single meal, there’s a separate buffet station with a dairy free, egg free, and gluten free options. Same goes for snacks! And don’t worry, if we’re roasting s’mores around a campfire, we always have the option of gluten free graham crackers and marshmallows without gelatin.

Camp is also totally nut free. We don’t allow nuts in our dining room or anywhere else in camp.

Sample Daily Menu

What about picky eaters?

We have so many options to ensure that everyone finds something they like! Our meals consist of big buffets with numerous choices, and we have a dedicated chef who will make something special for a camper who doesn’t like the options. If your camper is a picky eater, just contact us!

Do you keep kosher?

We’ve got you covered! Just be in touch if you’d like more details.

More questions about food?

Please visit our FAQs page and click on the “Food” section! You can also call us or email us anytime: 212-913-9783 or questions@campzeke.org.

Through our culinary arts program, we’ll teach that you can make a pizza, a delicious pizza, here’s a way to do it in healthy way that tastes just as good. We’ll have ice pops made from real fruit. All the foods that kids love…

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