About Camp Zeke

About Camp ZekeOur elective program allows campers to create their day based on their interests!  Whether a camper wants to run faster, get stronger, zen out in yoga, play sports, or cook impressive dishes. See all our activity options here.

Campers build lifelong friendships with a group of like-minded kids and teens while spending their summers with the kindest staff.

Summers at Zeke have a long-term positive impact on every part of campers’ lives, from happiness to academic success. Campers gain cooking and fitness skills in a warm Jewish community, and they develop a commitment to healthy living that becomes part of their Jewish identity. Read about our mission here.

What types of campers attend Camp Zeke?


Many campers are drawn to our elective program.

They love the idea of creating their day based on their interests! Whether they want to cook, make art, hike, swim, lift weights, play sports against other camps, or join a circus show, our schedule let’s them choose! See all our options here.

Which program? 2

Some of our campers want to have an active summer without playing sports all summer.

Because we offer so many fitness electives, they can dance, run, swim, zen out in yoga, hike, train in martial arts, lift weights, perform in circus, and choose from countless other options without having to play team sports.


Other campers love sports and want to build skills and play games in a laid-back environment that isn’t overly competitive.

Since it’s all about electives, they can do that too! We offer soccer, basketball, baseball/softball, volleyball and tennis. We also play against other camps all around us!


Of course, many of our campers are aspiring chefs and love to cook!

With three teaching kitchens in the coming summer, they’ll be able to gain cooking skills and make some amazing dishes. To see everything our young chefs made in culinary arts last summer, check out our latest cookbook.


Many of our campers love the idea of joining a newer camp!

Here’s the deal: About 80% of our families return each summer. We’ve also been growing every year. Last year we welcomed 100 brand new campers, and this year we are welcoming 100 more brand new campers.

Since so many campers are new or were new very recently, everybody remembers what it’s like, and that makes for a very welcoming community. The nicest part is that we have about 280 campers per session, which means that every camper knows every other camper and every staff member. It’s like a big family!


Many of our campers want to join a mission-aligned, like-minded community.

Our families tell us that our campers are down to earth and camp is a kind and gentle environment that’s very welcoming of campers with a wide variety of interests and skills. Read about our mission and values here.


Some of our campers really like that our bunks are heated and air conditioned, and a bit less rustic than bunks at other camps.

Of course, camp is a very campy place and we’re on 500 acres in the spectacular Pocono Mountains. Our bunks are just a little…different…than what some parents might remember from their days of walking to the camp shower house. (Yes, our private bathrooms and showers are inside each bunk!) See more about our facility here.


And of course, many families are drawn to our delicious, made-from-scratch, ridiculously good food!

We’ve completely redefined the concept of camp food. Our families eat healthy foods made from scratch at home – why shouldn’t campers eat the same foods at camp? Read about our food!

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