2018 Summer Job Opportunities

2018 Summer Job Opportunities

January 1, 2018 10:21 pm

Are you ready for one of the most rewarding and memorable summers of your life?

We still have some open roles for (1) counselors/coaches for male camper bunks, (2) office administrators and (3) camper care directors and specialists

We are seeking kind, enthusiastic and mission-aligned staff to work from mid-June to mid-August. At Camp Zeke, we serve gourmet farm-to-table food, offer countless fitness and athletics electives, and a full culinary arts program.  If you questions, or kids who would also come to camp, email staff@campzeke.org.



Each role includes two parts 1: bunk counselor responsibilities and 2: a programmatic focus.

Part 1: Coach/Instructor in Climbing, Dance, Fitness, Basketball, Gymnastics, Baseball, Archery, Martial Arts, Running, Yoga, or Volleyball

“When I speak with friends who work in other industries, I always tell them that if you have an applicant who has been a camp counselor… they should move to the top of that pile of applications that are overflowing on their desk. A camp counselor is one of the hardest jobs out there,” and one of the most valuable career experiences a person can have! -Anne Yetsko

Part 2: Counselor Component

  • Live in a cabin with up to twelve campers and three co-counselors.
  • Wake campers in the morning and put them to sleep at night (with a bedtime ritual designed by the counselors). Clean the cabin with them daily.
  • Engage kids in thoughtful programming during rest hour every day. Be fun, be silly, be yourself!
  • Ensure campers stay clean and tidy and have laundry ready for pickup on the assigned day.
  • Lead activities throughout the day, and participate in all of camp’s activities that are led by other counselors.
  • Join committees to help plan various special programs (such as banquet, Olympics/Color War, etc.).
  • Provide supervision of campers in your cabin and during activities throughout the day.
  • Make sure that your campers are drinking enough water and wearing sunscreen.
  • One cabin counselor stays in each cabin to supervise campers every night. During this time, the counselor fills in a “bunk log” to tell the leadership team what’s going on in the cabin.
  • Be passionate about fitness, athletics, healthy food, and of course, camp! They should also be role models of healthy behaviors for campers.


  • Work in a fun, fast-paced office focused on summer camp!
  • Report to the Operations Director and assist as needed with all office duties.
  • Answer phones, address parent concerns (with a focus on an exceedingly high level of service) from start to finish, and assist with other office tasks.
  • Keep an upbeat, positive attitude and leave every parent with a smile on their face following any interaction.
  • Maintain high levels or organization and cleanliness of office.
  • Work out of camp office based on schedule set by Operations Director.
  • Keep track of period transitions and ensure that someone blows the air horn to notify camp when each period ends.
  • Gain a working knowledge of CampMinder CRM (based on Salesforce.com), and address a variety of parent requests relating to CampMinder (form uploads, transportation changes, etc.).
  • Bring all birthdays to the attention of the kitchen so they can make appropriate preparations.
  • On Shabbat and at night, when office is closed, take an active part in camp life and join activities with the campers (evening activities, special Shabbat programs, etc.).
  • Coordinate pick-up and distribution of mail and parent CampMinder emails every day.


  • Serve as an essential member of the staff by focusing on the well being and comfort of our camp kids and parents. Support them as needed to ensure an amazing summer expeiance in which they thrive!
  • Call new families before camp starts to introduce yourself and prepare families to start camp.
  • Before camp starts, review Camper Profile forms for information on each camper.
  • Keep a meticulously organized checklist of camper concerns raised before camp and during camp through nightly bunk logs. Review this checklist daily with the camper care team until all issues are resolved.
  • Oversee/participate in the morning camper care meetings and ensure all issues are addressed.
  • Speak with parents on a regular basis as needed. Reply to all parent emails or calls within two hours. This is a sensitive and incredibly important part of this role.
  • During camp orientation, speak with every counselor about campers in their bunks and unit head about their bunks.
  • Oversee administration of nightly bunk logs, review bunk logs every morning, address all issues, from a missing toothbrush to homesickness.
  • Provide guidance to counselors and give them tools to address challenging behaviors.
  • Provide one-on-one support to struggling campers.
  • Keep detailed notes about all camper issues in CampMinder CRM notes section.
  • Observe kids throughout the program day.

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