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You lead a healthy, active lifestyle at home. Shouldn’t your kids do the same at camp? We think so!

Camp Zeke is the first and only overnight camp where kids celebrate healthy, active living through fitness, cooking, sports, farm-to-table gourmet food, and joyful Judaism.

Our elective program allows campers to create their day based on their interests. So whether a camper wants to run faster, get stronger, zen out in yoga, play sports or cook impressive dishes, they can create their perfect day.

Campers also build lifelong friendships with a group of like-minded peers while spending their summers with the kindest staff. After campers grow up in our kind, healthy community, they join the Teen Leadership or Teen Travel Program and, ultimately, the Camp Zeke staff. You can start learning about our unique mission and exploring all our sports, fitness, cooking, and arts electives by visiting the About Camp Zeke Page.

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